A survey commissioned by CFR and National Geographic gauged what young people educated in American colleges and universities know about geography, the environment, demographics, U.S. foreign policy, recent international events, and economics. The survey revealed significant gaps between what young people understood about today’s world and what they need to know to successfully navigate global market trends. Retrieved from Council on Foreign Relations (2016), What College Age Students Know About the World: A survey on Global Literacy.



PISA 2018 stipulates that in order to examine “a global issue, it requires knowledge of a particular issue, the skills to transform this awareness into a deeper understanding, and the attitudes and values to reflect on the issue from multiple cultural perspectives, keeping in mind the interest of all parties involved”. Retrieved from OECD (2019), PISA 2018 Assessment and Analytical Framework, PISA, OECD Publishing, Paris,

With I.C.E.E.'s wealth of experiences abroad and empirical research based approach, it will provide customized solutions to promote culture awareness skills that foster mutual understanding to build relationships. In addition, gaps will be bridged through international education to develop global acumen and leadership skills to remain aware of global markets trends.