An alumna of the prestigious James William Fulbright Scholar and Educator Exchange programs, the Founder of I.C.E.E., understands, the importance of international education.  Recognized by the Republic of France Ministry of Education and bestowed with the honor of Chivalry of Academic Palms in Education and Culture, Dr. Johnson has dedicated her professional career to the international field guiding students, educators, executives, and the community at large, both domestically and internationally. 

After a successful study abroad program with university students to and from the USA and Africa, Dr. Johnson redesigned the program to meet the needs of secondary students in under served communities. Hence, middle and high school students from the state of Georgia traveled to and from Nancy-Metz and Toulouse, France respectively.


As a result of these successful study abroad experiences and the problem of "significant gaps between what youth understand about today’s world and what they need to know to successfully navigate in the global market", Dr. Johnson has become a catalyst in the international community. She creatively gleans from her challenges growing up in the city of North Philadelphia and formal higher educational studies as well as professional work experiences from abroad, on the continents of Africa, Asia; including the Middle East, Europe, and North America, to provide international education opportunities and other professional services to the global community as an executive adviser, inspirational speaker, researcher, writer, and foreign language expert.